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Gothenburg Malmo Stockholm
24 June 2022 | 3 nights | 2 people

About Stockholm

Islands and deep blue water characterise this beautiful city, known for its fresh clean air, classic architecture and vibrant city life. The medieval city centre is surrounded by spectacular scenery and offers a wealth of attractions and entertainment for visitors.

Food and drink

As one might expect in such a maritime city, much of Stockholm's cuisine features the freshest possible seafood. Enjoy a traditional smorgasbord, featuring pickled herring, smoked salmon, caviar and smoked eel, or sample some genuine Swedish meatballs, reindeer or elk. Desserts are made from blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries. Go to Gamla Stan to find the best traditional restaurants, while the Norrmalm area of the city has a choice of international eateries.


Swedish design is know for innovation and flair. Specialities of the city include glass, handicrafts and interior design. The graceful beauty of Swedish glassware is famous all over the world and the country's reputation for design is second to none. Knitwear is a speciality in Sweden, and the knitters excel at well designed caps and hats, often in striking colours.

Pottery, wood and leather goods also make good presents to take home, and you may find treasures in the many boutiques, antique and curiousity shops of Gamla Stan.

For Swedish fashion head for the streets adjoining Gotgaten, they have a lot to offer that is quirky and fun.

In December, there are glittering Christmas markets in Skansen and Gamla Stan - freshly backed pepparkakor biscuits and a warm glass of glögg will help to keep out the cold.

Books inspired by Stockholm

Our hand-picked selection of books to get you in the mood for your Stockholm holiday

The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Michael Booth

A well-written and humorous book giving an insight into Scandinavia, its people and the enviably simpler Nordic ways and culture. It covers five countries including Iceland and will have you wanting to move to one of them!

Stockholm Blog posts

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9th December 2019 by Budget Traveller

Perfect day trip from Stockholm: Drottningholm Palace

After North Sealand Denmark and Falun, Stockholm was the third stop on our UNESCO World Heritage Journeys of Europe roadtrip. It was our first time in the city and to say that we were pretty excited would be an understatement. The first thing that you appreciate about this city is the feeling of being surrounded by water on all sides. I can’t think of a modern capital in Western Europe that has the same feeling of freedom and tranquility. Spread across 14 islands, we discover a city that is a...


8th February 2022 by Travel on Inspiration

7 reasons to visit Sweden

It’s the home of Abba, Ikea and Volvo – but is Sweden really worth visiting? Here are just 7 amazing reasons to make this country your next travel destination.Impressive lakesSweden has some incredible natural wonders, one of the most unique being its lakes. These are popular holiday treats and you’ll find plenty of campsites and log cabins to rent around them. You can hike around, go fishing or take a boat trip. Sweden’s bath houses are always worth visiting and are a great place to...


2nd March 2021 by Andy

Which of the worlds cities are the safest to travel to?

Is it on the top of your list to enjoy one of the world’s safest cities for your next holiday? In terms of digital security, health services, general infrastructure and low crime rates, the following cities come out on top. As an extra bonus, they’re also packed full of exciting sights, adventures and cultural activities for tourists.Tokyo, JapanAlthough it’s the world’s most populated metropolis, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in terms of low crime rates and superior...


10th February 2021 by Europe a la Carte

The best of Stockholm travel tips

If you’re planning a trip to Stockholm, then this round-up of our best suggestions for things to do should help you make the most out of your time there.Historical Attractions in StockholmStockholm’s most famous museum is the Vasa Museum, home to the 1620s ship which sank and spent 300 years in the Baltic Sea, before being salvaged and becoming the centrepiece of this museum. Another interesting museum (which has some 70-odd museums!) is the Museum of Medieval Stockholm, which recently...


10th February 2021 by Europe a la Carte

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm

Stockholm has a rich medieval history, much of it still preserved in Gamla Stan, Old Town, making it one of the best places to visit in Europe for travellers who are interested in this period of history. It was because of this rich history, that the Museum of Medieval Stockholm was missed. For nearly three years the museum was being renovated. Finally, the museum opened its doors to the public once again. Because I am a history nerd and love museums, I was there.The museum was crawling...


5th February 2021 by Europe a la Carte

The Christmas Market in Old Town Stockholm

The Swedish winter is here, which means that in Stockholm, the sun is going down around 3 in the afternoon. It makes for very short days.Swedes though, are well versed in how to combat the darkness. Christmas lights line the streets and candles shine in windows throughout town. It makes for a beautiful stroll through Stockholm. One of the best places to end up during your stroll is the Christmas market in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town.Open from November 21st through December 23rd, the...


4th March 2009 by Europe a la Carte

A quick guide to Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Stockholm is one of those medieval cities that still retains its heritage. Much of it due to its Old Town. Gamla Stan. Cobblestone streets. Medieval buildings. Shoulder-width alleys.The small island at the heart of Stockholm is alive with history. As you walk towards the island stop and drink in the Royal Castle with its imposing Baroque style. While not really living up to my view of fantasy and imagination, mostly because the castle is bereft of all towers, it still cuts an impressive...

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