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25 October 2021 | 3 nights | 2 people
Treasures of France and Iberia

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About Seville

Excellent tapas bars and a love of flamenco and fiesta make this a city full of life. A maze of cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, flowered balconies, and scented orange trees, this is a charming city with an authentic Spanish flavour.

Food and drink

Sevillian cuisine is light and simple. Local specialities include gazpacho (chilled tomato and pepper soup) and soldatidos de pavia (fried cod or hake), and don't forget to visit one of the many tapas bars.


Some of the best buys include Andalucian ceramics, leather goods, embroudery and mantillas (bed covers and table cloths). The weekly market is in Calle Feria and is known for its great selection of Spanish specialities.

Things to see and do

  • Cathedral and Giralda Tower - Take a funicular to the top of Castle Hill for views of the city, the Turul Statue, the Royal Palace and a selection of museums and churches.
  • Santa Cruz - The Jewish Quarter is a pretty picture-postcard complex of streets and squares.
  • Alcazar Palace - The home to royal families since the Caliph of Andalucia. Built in the early 9th century and the oldest active royal palace in Europe.
  • Torro del Oro - A little 'Golden Tower' on the Guadakquivir riverbank and a real Seville landmark.
  • Flamenco Andalucia is the spiritual home of this passionate and emotional dance - once you have experienced it in its homeland you will become addicted.
  • Barrio Santa Cruz Walk the labyrinth of alleyways framed by the walls of Alcazar. This is an enchanting district of Seville with whitewashed houses and flower-filled patios.

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Holy Week in Seville

Holy Week in Seville (Semana Santa) marks one of the most important events in the year in this part of Andalusia. What began as a religious festival has grown to encompass the whole city, with even the schools and metro systems adjusting accordingly. Witnessing what happens during Holy Week in Seville will remain with you long after locals swap the incense and swishing robes for polka dot dresses and dancing in the following festival Feria de Abril....


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What to do in Triana Seville: More than famous ceramics

When I used to live in Seville, Triana was my favourite neighbourhood. Perhaps because it used to be "the wrong side of the tracks." Perhaps because of the spirit of exploration, the former home to the sailors who set off to find the so-called New World. Triana scorches like a spotlight when it comes to local tradition. You'll find cafes and bars, religious processions, ceramic workshops and, well the Inquisition....


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The best tapas in Seville and the 13 dishes you need to know

When it comes to finding the best tapas in Seville, it's almost a local pastime. People eat out a lot, here, and tapas is definitely not for tourists. You’d be hard pressed to stumble for more than about 100 metres without finding a place that serves up a plate of sliced jamon washed down with cerveza. While fine dining options definitely do exist, the more common way to eat is to share a few dishes of tapas with friends, often while standing at the bar....