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18 February 2022 | 7 nights | 2 people

About Cape Town

Sitting in the shadow of Table Mountain, nestled against Africa's southern coast off the South Atlantic, Cape Town is a pristine example of the coming-together of different landscapes, cultures and cuisines and offers the traveler a perfect and picturesque opportunity to really explore.

Take a hike up the infamous mountain or one of its surrounding and equally beautiful peaks, then paraglide or abseil your way back down. Don't fancy the altitude, learn to surf, dive with Great White sharks or head out whale watching

Enjoy the long stretches of white sand and the get your tan on at the beach or head into the wine regions of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to sample some of the areas finest produce.

The diverse culinary experiences on offer at every turn make dining in the Cape a pleasure. With a heavy focus on meat, this is a carnivores dream and a must try local delicacy is Biltong, but you should also try Bobotie, Boerewors, Bunny Chow and Chakalaka among other things.

Heading further afield, witness the Garden Route unfolding as you take in the awe inspiring scenery on a coastal drive or mountain pass.

With temperatures ranging from 7°C to the high 20's, and with mirrored seasons, this is a perfect place to visit when the UK weather is just depressing, and with little to no time difference, its easy to get there and back without suffering jet lag.

With so much to do and see in this incredible place from the mountains to the surf plus Robin Island for a piece of history, it has to be on everyone's bucket list so why not book your next trip now.

When to visit

If you're planning a holiday in Cape Town, our top picks for the best time to travel would be andanuary


With around 14 hours of daylight and dry, sunny days, Cape Town is at its summery best. Slightly busier and pricier but there's loads to do and the waters are warm enough for swimming and water sports

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Where are the most visited places in South Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa is full of amazing travel destinations. The Swahili Coast features the expansive plains that spread throughout Kenya and Tanzania and the deserts of Namibia feature flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth. Perhaps no country in the region though offers the variety of amazing attractions that South Africa does. ...


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Best Day Trips from Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, located at the tip of South Africa is easily one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. Known the world over for its warm climate, incredible landscape and vibrant city centre, it’s a destination with a bit of everything. From stunning beaches, cute fishing towns, alluring wine farms, excellent restaurants, a cosmopolitan CBD and a jaw-droppingly beautiful mountain range, there’s no shortage of things to do in Cape Town. Yet even the surrounding areas around...


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19 unusual things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

Simply put: there are plenty of unusual things to do in Cape Town and a visit here will help you understand why South Africa is called the rainbow nation. Mandela's life history, quite possibly one of the most inspiring of all time, is intertwined with the city. Its landscape is extraordinary, its culture complex. Here's my shortlist - and as you can see it's rather long. I've snuck in a few more usual activities, too, because even they seem unusual when compared against other cities in the...


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Cape Town Itinerary: 3, 5 and 7 days

Cape Town, arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a must-visit destination in South Africa. Whether you have just a weekend in Cape Town, or stay for 10 days, you’ll get a real feel for the city and its incredible atmosphere. However, there are so many things to do in Cape Town it’s hard to know where to start! So I thought I’d write out several plans for a Cape Town itinerary covering varying lengths to help visitors with their planning. My Cape Town itinerary ideas...


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How to visit the Penguin Beach in Cape Town - A guide to Boulders Beach

Are you wondering where to find those adorable penguins in South Africa that you see in pictures online? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve got all the information you need to visit the penguin beach in Cape Town here. Meeting the penguins is one of the coolest experiences you can have in South Africa and definitely something to include during your time in Cape Town....

Weather in Cape Town

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