From the rolling dunes of the Sahara to the souring peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco is quite literally a traveller's paradise. Couple that with the caves, waterfalls and rugged coastline of the North Atlantic, and you really do have an opportunity to try it all.

Follow the ancient trails of wanderers, traders and nomads through the medinas of Fez. Witness the street-theatre and enjoy the carnivals in Marrakesh. Alternatively, experience the growth of a more progressive Morocco in Tangier or Casablanca.

Indulge in the one of Morocco's national pastimes. Find yourself a spot outside a local street cafe, order a coffee or sweet rose tea, light up your shish-a, then sit back and watch the world (and it's people) go by while you plan your next excursion. Whether shopping the bazaars and souks, hiking the trails of some of its highest peaks, trekking on the back of a camel across miles of open desert or learning to make your own couscous, there really is something for everyone in Morocco.

Taste the culinary delights of this stunning part of the world, tajines a must try. Fall asleep in a boutique riad or head to the local hammam for a relaxing, restorative spa experience.

With its varying climate depending on which region you're in, it has often been compared with southern California. Highs can easily break 40°C while at its lowest it has been known to reach -10°C.

This incredibly welcoming nation with its mix of Arab and Berber is quite literally a must-see destination. Experience all it has to offer from its traditional call to prayer to the beat of its local hip hop and book your next trip now.

Morocco climate ℃

When to visit


Morocco in March is perfect with far more bearable temperatures, lower prices and lighter crowds. For authentic charm, head to Fez, an eighth-century medina to transport you back in time.