From the unabashed party capital of the world with its spring break clientele at one end and its glitzy hotel zone with famous, white sandy beaches at the other to the quieter, local charm of the city itself, Cancun is a rare gem.

When you tire of the pubs, clubs, bars and beach parties, escape downtown to a smokey salsa club or grab a bite at a local taco joint. Lounge around the pool or swim in the tranquil waters of its Caribbean coast.

Feeling adventurous, join the craze thats sweeping this city and head under the water to swim, snorkle or scuba dive with whale sharks, dolphins and if you're lucky (or unlucky!) bull sharks! Just keep your whits about you.

Nearby there's a wealth of day trips beckoning from the Quintana Roo or further south into Playa del Carmen or the island of Cozumel. Check our Xcaret park or the Cancun underwater museum to discover more about this incredible place and what treasures hide beneath its sapphire waters. Alternatively, head for the pyramids for a taste of local culture and to discover more about these Aztec ruins and its forgotten past.

Minor temperature fluctuations throughout the year but with both rainy and dry seasons, the city is warm all year-round with temperatures around 27°C. Hottest from May to September, due to its proximity to the humidity of the Caribbean, but still very pleasant year-round with rain tending to come in short sharp, heavy bursts.

I honeymooned in Playa del Carmen (just down the coast) in November, and though it rained on a handful of days, the rain tended to last an hour or so, then everything was dry again an hour later. When the humidity picks up, it can be very pleasant to have the rains clear the air, making for a much fresher environment.

When it comes to their cuisine, Mexico is famed for its tacos, and the fish tacos in particular, are superb. Also enjoy, quesadillas, pambazos, tamales, huaraches, alambres and al pastor among other things.

So much to do from the spring break party scene, the tranquil waters and high end hotels to the history and culture of its Aztec past and local delicacies, you really need to book your next trip now.

Cancun climate ℃

When to visit


Now is peak season so there'll be more visitors but the weather is near-perfect and the flights and room rates are at their cheapest. Ideal for a beach escape.


Tropical and hot with perfect opportunities for swimming and diving in Cozumel, it's also an ideal month for nature lovers and sun-worshippers. Witness the wondrous Descent of Kukulcán at Chichén Itzá