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4* Prague: 3 nights + breakfast & flights

Breakfast • Flights inc


Gourmet delights in charming Prague

Breakfast • Flights inc

2-nights • December

When to visit


The Czech beer festival is held for 17 days every May and is a must for beer lovers. Over 70 different brands can be sampled, although you may need to pace yourself. Na zdraví!


Prague boasts some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Its incredible architecture, snowy evenings, twinkling lights and bustling stalls are guaranteed to get you in the festive spirit

Prague Blog posts

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1st August 2020 by Budget Traveller

Prague with the locals - 24 alternative things to do

My brand new post is list of 24 alternative, best things to in Prague. After visiting Prague a few times, I’ve begun to realise that the city is basically a intricate patchwork of villages just like my former home, Edinburgh. If you walk in any direction for 30 minutes, you’ll find yourself somewhere completely different. The problem is that most visitors when they come to Prague, end up wandering the historic core of the city and in the process miss out on the real Prague. Prague’s inner...


13th January 2020 by Twins that Travel

Visiting Prague at Christmas: A winter guide

Visiting Prague at Christmas has been a dream of mine since I read the book: Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Set amongst the city’s wintery streets, this magical story follows the tale of Karou, an art student who lives between Prague’s historic lanes and a monster’s workshop (filled, incidentally, with teeth and bones). The book, filled with lyrical descriptions of Prague and its gothic spires, not only had me captivated – but determined to visit the city during the winter....


20th December 2018 by Stuart

Prague Christmas markets

Standing in the centre of Prague's Old Town Square market, I became aware that this was possibly the most "Christmassy" I've ever felt in my life. The last few years have seen an enormous surge in the number of people wanting to kickstart their Christmas festivities with a European market trip and Prague is one of the most popular destinations for UK travellers. A stunningly beautiful city in its own right, it has an authenticity that's very likely to induce that fuzzy festive feeling. 1....

25th November 2018 by John

Everything you need to know about Prague

Wondering what Prague is really like? Take a look at this honest guide to the Czech capital by Janek & Honza, creators of the Honest Guide YouTube channel. Essential viewing before any trip....


12th September 2018 by Stuart

Booking a Christmas market trip

It's Chriiiiiiiiiiistmmaaaaaaaaasss!! Well, no actually, it isn't. But if you could see my inbox - full up with countless snowy and festive wintery travel deals - you'd definitely think it was close. September is clearly the month for change: hazy sunshiney memories begin to take a backseat, superseded by thoughts of wintery getaways.With all this in mind, and added to the fact it's often more advantageous to beat the rush and book your Chrimbo break early, we're celebrating with a whole...

28th November 2018 by John

Christmas Markets in Prague

Thinking about visiting the Christmas markets in Prague? You're not alone. Prague has become one of the most popular Christmas Market destinations for UK visitors. In fact, team Travelscoop are going this year. This great video from Honest Guide's Janek & Honza will tell you everything you need to know before setting off, including a few lesser know markets that are a little less touristy....