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Updated 13th March 2020

I usually have never been a fan of travelling in winter, especially to cold destinations. I don’t handle the cold very well, the lack of sunlight can feel debilitating plus the people you tend to meet in the destination seem to equally as...

24th October 2019

Scared of the cold and the Canadian Winter? Well, as the great Ranulph Fiennes once said, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. The key to surviving & enjoying winter in Ottawa is making sure you have the right winter wear. I’ve pulled together in this post a list of winter essentials. Plus in this guide I’ve also answered some key questions like when is the best time to visit Ottawa in winter, where is the best place to stay in Ottawa on a budget...

15th October 2019

The plan was to stay in Bangkok till March. The beer was cold and cheap, the noodle soup plentiful. However, life had...

21st February 2019

A wrap-up of our 5 day Winter trip to Ottawa- a very long unedited wrap-up of the trip so please bear with us. just...