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Ed Siegle

A young Brighton dentist goes to Rio de Janeiro in search of a father he lost through traumatic circumstances as a child. A poignant, well-written debut novel that brings Rio to life in glorious, vibrant colour.

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9 things you must do when you visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

27th September 2022 by Two Monkey's Travel

Cidade Marvilhosa is truly a marvelous place to see. The second largest city in Brazil served as the country’s capital until 1960s. Portuguese is the main language used in this vibrant city. This is where the iconic Cristo Redentor can be seen....


12 best cities to see street art in South America

6th May 2022 by Where Angie Wanders

South America is regarded as being home to some of the best street art cities in the world. The urban street art scene in cities such as Buenos Aires, Lima and Medellin attracts local and international muralists and graffiti artists who use the cities’ buildings as blank canvases to showcase their creativity....


21 best things to do in Rio de Janeiro

12th April 2022 by PommieTravels

My trip to Rio was supposed to be my first stop on a 2-week itinerary that also included Ilha Grande, Sao Paulo and Iguassu Falls.  But then Rio de Janeiro sucked me in and I never left. I spent the entire two weeks exploring the city, laying on the beach, drinking caipirinhas and making new friends.  In part I stayed because I was visiting Brazil during the country’s winter months and Rio was one of the warmest places to be, but I also stayed because there’s so much to see and do...


What to do in Rio De Janeiro, travel guide to Brazil

19th January 2022 by TravelDave

This is my travel guide on What to do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A few years ago I went on a trip from London to visit the city of Rio. It was an incredible trip and I wanted to share with you my top tips on what to do in and around Rio. Here is my guide all about what to see around Rio De Janeiro, Brazil....


A look around Rock in Rio, Brazil 2019

23rd September 2021 by TravelDave

Wanted to share with you a video from my trip to Rock in Rio which was held in 2019 in Rio, Brazil. Went to go and see Iron Maiden and wanted to share a glimpse of what it was like. I've also put together a video about what to do in Rio from the same trip: Awesome trip and would highly recommend it.......


What to do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

21st September 2021 by TravelDave

This video is all about What to do in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Put together on my recent trip to Rio. Went to attend Rock in Rio which you can see here: Here is what I did: - Escadaria Selaron - Selaron Steps - Santa Teresa Tram - Copacabana Beach - Hike to Christ the Redeemer - Parque Lage - Breakfast Brunch at Plage Cafe - Museum of Tomorrow - sugarloaf Mountain Gondola - Confeitaria Colombo - Ipanema Beach - Cervantes Restaurante for Beef...


Five must-see sights in Rio De Janeiro

6th July 2021 by PommieTravels

The Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro is known as “party city” all over the world, and yet far too few of us ever travel there to partake in the party. We know it as a city of art and culture - famed across the globe for its statue of Christ the Redeemer - and yet we observe it from a distance. If you’ve never been to Rio, it’s probably about time you did something about that. You can get to know it a little from photos and videos, but nothing compares to being there to see it...

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