Peak season flights from London to Thailand from only £386 on Qatar Airways

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Dreaming of a holiday in Thailand? Dream no more with these excellent fares from Qatar Airways. The airline are consistently rated 5 star, so a return fare under £400 is amazing value. The low fares are available between September 2018 and March 2019, with covers the peak Thailand season on December to March. Click through to compare flights using Kayak. Adjust the dates to find an itinerary that suits you, but remember that the best fares typically depart on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sample itineraries

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Return | 1 stop | 1 x 30kg checked bag | 03 Oct > 17 Oct | £383pp

Compare flights London > Bangkok
Return | 1 stop | 1 x 30kg checked bag | 03 Dec > 17 Dec | £383pp

Compare flights London > Bangkok
Return | 1 stop | 1 x 30kg checked bag| 18 Feb > 26 Feb | £383pp

Is this a good deal?

These flights have a layover in Doha, so they're not direct. However, Qatar are a full service airline, and tickets below £400 on this route at a peak time are excellent value. You might find comparable prices with Air China, China Southern and Gulf Air, but I rate Qatar much as far superior. 

While in Thailand

Why not spend some time in Bangkok, and then travel to nearby beach town Hua Hin. Hotels or Airbnb accommodation in both locations is plentiful and relatively cheap. Secret Escapes currently have some excellent hotel offers in Bangkok from £33 per night. If you'd prefer a whole apartment to yourself, check out our Airbnb for beginners guide if you've not used the service before. I've personally stayed in some amazing Airbnb apartments in Thailand and wouldn't think twice before booking again.

Important: Prices are correct at the time of publishing, however they are subject to change at any time depending on availability. Some promotional prices will be strictly limited by tour operators or airlines. Special terms and conditions may apply.

About Thailand

Average flight time: 11hrs and 37 mins

From the wonder of its golden Buddhas and hilltop temples to the glamour of its sandy beaches and paradise coves, its bustling cities and mountain shrines, Thailand is a tropical paradise, cultural haven and hedonistic nocturnal temptress all rolled into one.

Fresh local ingredients are key to the mouthwatering flavours that emanate from their world famous cuisine and nothing could be more traditional than a Pad Thai served off a street cart in a busy market in the centre of Bangkok. Cooking classes can be found throughout and if you want to really push the bounds of the culinarily bizarre and you're feeling brave, head to an out of town local market to try deep fried spiders on sticks, flies in bags like raisins and a whole host of things that would ordinarily turn the stomach.

Local and street markets can be found just about everywhere and the art of bartering is an essential skill when you head off for some traditional retail therapy. Don't be afraid to haggle, its expected. The initial price they tell you will be inflated by 200-300% so it they say 500 baht, offer 50 and take it from there. Read our full destination guide here.

About Bangkok

Average flight time: 11hrs and 30 mins

Where else in the world would you find stunning golden buddhist temples next to sleazy neon-glazed strip bars, busy street food carts overlooked by empty high-end restaurants, super-malls neighbouring ancient monuments and grid-locked traffic, overtaken by long-tail boats? These contradictions are what make Bangkok so unique and so special.

Visit Bangkok and you'll see a bustling city in a modern city-scape. A global business and banking centre with all the modern amenities and luxuries that you could possibly ask for. But there's another Bangkok, one you don't have to look too hard to find, but one that will sweep you off your feet and take you on a mouth watering, eye opening and sometimes shocking roller-coaster. It will thrill you, surprise you, seduce and disgust you, and when it finally spits you out, you'll be left wondering what the hell just happened, but thats just a minuscule fraction of whats in store when you book your trip here.

Three seasons exist in Thailand, hot, rainy and cool, though don't be fooled, it's pretty hot year round with average low's ranging from 22°C-26°C and high's from 32°C-35°C (not sure exactly what part of that you'd describe as "the cool season"). When it rains, it pours in Thailand with the rainy season lasting from mid-May until October, but flash storms occur throughout the year. Don't be put off, this is just another part of it's charm and well worth witnessing first hand. Read our full destination guide here.

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