20% off Wow Air flights to Iceland, the USA and Canada

Wow Air are currently running a promotion that will knock 20% off the base fares of flights to Iceland, the USA and Canada. Use the code WOWSUMMER on return flights to Iceland, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto and more, with departures from the UK & Ireland.

I've run through the process for a flight to New York in May, and the total cost (without any hold luggage or seat selection added) comes to £267.38. That's an excellent price! The fares that the discount applies to are clearly marked with a yellow tick, so you can be sure that you're benefitting from the code. You'll need to sign-up with Wow Air to see the total cost of the flight, whereas booking without the code does not require sign-up.

One very important point is that there is a layover in Reykjavik for all the discounted fares. For my chosen tickets, that's an 11 and 15 hour stop, which is a bit of an awkward length.

The code is valid for travel between May 1st and September 30th, but you must book by February 5th.

  • Use code WOWSUMMER to get discount
  • 20% Discount applies to base fare (not taxes or service fees)
  • Departing London, Edinburgh or Dublin
  • Valid for flights to Iceland, USA & Canada
  • Must book by midnight on 5th February 2018
  • Travel between May 1st - September 30th
  • One small item of hand luggage included per passenger
  • One stop in Reykjavík en route

Important: Prices are correct at the time of publishing, however they are subject to change at any time depending on availability. Some promotional prices will be strictly limited by tour operators or airlines. Special terms and conditions may apply.

About New York

Average flight time: 07hrs and 55 mins

Loud, glitzy, sprawling and relentlessly busy, New York is the ultimate megalopolis…the city of cities that never sleeps! Made up of five boroughs, of these Manhattan conjures up the primary iconic images most people think of.

Situated where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic, with so much to see and do you’d be hard-pushed not to be wowed. But a word of warning… you may feel like you need a relaxing holiday when you get back!

People love New York for countless different reasons, with spring, early autumn and Christmas the busiest tourist periods. Weather-wise, best times to visit are April to June or August to October when the weather is generally milder and you’re less likely to need to carry a coat. Peak daytime temperatures in September are about 25°C, decreasing month by month to February. Summers are warm and humid and winters can be extreme, often with snow and biting winds. On the plus side, the bitter chills of NYC winters do feel dryer and somehow less harsh than the British cold. Read our full destination guide here.